Sunday, April 26, 2009


Look at me, I'm spinning
Isn’t it great?

On a wheel called fear
It’s keeping me safe

Safe from any hurt, failure or ill will
Safe from my future and what I may fulfill

I think I’d like to stop now
The spinning, I mean

I’m beginning to think
Instead that I’ll dream

Dream of a future
A dream in bright light

Of what it might look like
If I live my life

In the dream I might laugh
I might cry

I might choose to be me
I may see that I’m beautiful, should I be free

Like sun shining through clouds
I can sometimes see
The true, authentic, wonderful me

Can it be true?
Can it really be?
A me who is happy, strong and carefree?

I choose to be beautiful
I choose to be loving
I choose to make choices that leave my heart humming

For a time fear has gripped me
It left me blind
To the joyous me that was left behind

Blind no more
I can finally see
With blazing clarity, the awesome me!

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