Sunday, April 22, 2007

About Vicki

This site is the culmination of many, many years of me working on showing the world who I really am. Not holding back, not hiding, not filtering, not pretending. Just being me! My journey toward authenticity began with Rhonda Britten and The Fearless Living Institute. I am now a Certified Fearless Living Coach and I get to teach others what I have learned about fear and about why I was so terrified to show the world the real me.

So, this is what you're in for if you hang out here:I am sarcastic and I may offend you. I am sometimes funny. I am compassionate. I dislike whining. I love coffee. I am straight forward. I won’t hold back. I will challenge you. I love to help people see how awesome they are. I dislike arrogance. I love silly, slapstick humor. I'm a dork.

I would be honored to have you spend time here with me while I continue to step out of my comfort zone and show the real me. In the process, I hope to help you find your power and the strength you'll need to really show it. You rock and I want to help you own that!

Let’s have some laughs, hopefully learn something and tell fear to take a hike. You'll see all my weaknesses along with my strengths. I hope you'll share yours also. Are you with me?