Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slip Into Something Uncomfortable

What makes you uncomfortable? Most of us will avoid discomfort and try our best to stay within our comfort zones. What could be bad about that? We all want to be secure and comfy! The problem is; the life you want, the life you are craving, lives outside your comfort zone. Having what you want and being who you want requires that you step outside your comfort zone as frequently as possible. The key is in taking the proverbial "baby steps". It's not about the really big things. It's about those actions that make you uncomfortable but are doable with a little push. What have you been thinking about doing but haven't? Think of something that would be a bit of a stretch for you and then DO IT!! For some people it might be smiling at or talking to strangers. For others, it may be making those follow up phone calls. Taking the baby steps that lead you outside your comfort zone are the key to building self trust and confidence. The more you do it, the more you want to do it. Eventually you will be doing things you never thought possible because they used to scare the pants off you! This is such a wonderful feeling to know that you truly have the power to do anything you want. By the way, writing this is WAY outside my comfort zone. What possibilities are waiting for you out there???

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