Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cosmic Smackdown

Oprah talks about the ways in which messages from the Universe are delivered to us and how we receive them (or don’t). The first time, it is a tap on the shoulder. The second time, it is a brick. The third time the Universe has to deliver the same message, it is a brick wall. I ran into my cosmic brick wall this week in the form of a cold that turned into bronchitis and then pneumonia. I have been laid out for an entire week. NO WORK of any kind. Apparently I do need to be hit over the head with something before I get the message. I am wondering if you need this kind of message also. I really don’t want you to hit your brick wall. It kinda stinks. I can think back now to the “tap on the shoulder” (sleepless nights and stomach trouble) that I so conveniently ignored or denied or whatever. I can also see the “brick” (pretty bad back and neck pain) coming at my head. That still didn’t get the message through. I just kept on going, full speed ahead, oblivious to these messages. I have been asking myself why I needed to hit my brick wall before I understood the message. We get so caught up in the “doing” that we don’t spend any time “being”. If you are constantly focused on the doing, you aren’t really living your life and you certainly aren’t open to any message that might be trying to get through. The message I was missing was that I was simply doing too much. Too much time spent on working the approximately 6 jobs I have. No kidding. I have come so far with handling stress both emotionally and mentally in the past couple of years. I didn’t realize that just because I’m not having a mental breakdown doesn’t mean I (my body) is not stressed. My body has been trying very patiently to tell me that I am carrying too much stress. I am doing too much. I am not taking enough care with myself. As I sit here practically coughing out a lung, I am already feeling grateful that I finally received the message. The question now is; what the heck do I do with the information? This will be the next step in my personal development journey.

I have taken a few steps already. I did not go to work even one day this week. I did not do any work for any of my jobs at home either. I made the decision to take myself out of two classes I was enrolled in. This wasn’t an easy decision because it requires being accountable to myself and not the people/class I committed to. I have made a commitment to myself of working on wellness. The first step was to go see a fabulous Chiropractor who has helped me tremendously with my back already. I’m taking small, baby steps and hoping I’ll figure out the rest as I go. I will not ignore this message now that I have it. I will not go back to over doing it. This probably means letting some other people down in order to be true to myself. Some people are not going to be happy. Some people are going to think I’m weak. I am choosing not to worry about what other people think because that would be letting fear dictate how I live my life. I’m definitely over that chapter in my life!

What is your body telling you that you are ignoring? Are you going to need to hit your cosmic brick wall before you hear it? We only have one body and one life. Every minute of every day we have a choice. We can choose us and our life or we can choose everyone and everything else. Give it some thought. Has there been a tap on your shoulder lately? What about a brick to the head?

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